Five Cracking Reasons to Choose Activated Nuts and Seeds

We here at ROAR are nutty about raw activated nuts and seeds. ‘Activating’ entails soaking nuts or seeds until they begin to sprout, bringing them to life before dehydrating them to create an über healthy – and super crunchy – superfood. Not convinced? Here are five good reasons to choose activated nuts and seeds…


  1. Activated foods are living foods. The soaking process works to break down enzyme inhibitors – kick-starting enzymes and making activated nuts and seeds much, much easier to digest.
  2. The scales do lie! Activated nuts and seeds are a whopping 10-15% lighter than their non-activated counterparts. Don’t pay top dollar for plain old water in your nuts  – activated nuts are a super concentrated superfood.
  3. Slave to flavour? Us too! And we’re happy to report that activated nuts and seeds are heaps crunchier and sweeter than their non-activated counterparts. You can’t argue with that!
  4. No nasties. Activating washes away phytic acid and tannins – both present in non-activated nuts. Phytic acid and tannins are not only bitter but they can stop the body from absorbing some of the nutrients in nuts.
  5. Raw brilliance! We’ve mentioned crunch already. But crunch is something you should savour right? Activated nuts have all of the crunch of roasted nuts without the bad fats of fried foods. Double win!


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