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RECIPE: Activated Buckwheat & Seed Crackers (Raw/Vegan)

Impress your friends by rocking up with these Activated Buckwheat & Seed Crackers to your next bring a plate party. You can then proudly stand by your outstanding platter of goodness and lecture anyone who looks to put a slice of cheese onto them on the evils of lactose (they are a great addition to a cheese platter by the way, and hard cheeses are low in lactose if you aren’t vegan and are indeed concerned about lactose!).

Either way, you can’t go wrong as these crackers are rich enough that you don’t strictly need to add any dip or cheese to enjoy. And we guarantee that you will make as many friends wanting to know your recipe as you lose with your facist lactovian views!

Or you can just make these for yourself or your fam and enjoy a nutrition packed snack that will satisfy any 3 o’clock craving or ravenous child. Here is the recipe for the delicious kale-basil pesto.

Enjoy : )


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