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RECIPE: Summer Berry & Cream Choc Tart

Nothing ‘berries’ the gloom of winter more than a summery bountiful berry laden vegan cream chocolate tart raw recipe!

A Little Bird told me this amazingly delicious raw recipe! If you haven’t tried many raw desserts you may find this hard to believe. But raw desserts are rich, healthy and super yum! They are also extremely easy to make – no complicated baking techniques here.


Chocolate tart base


Cashew & coconut cream filling


Chocolate tart base

Blend the nuts and dates together in a food processor until it is a couscous like texture.

Add the remaining ingredients and pulse a few times until combined.

Line a 25cm tart pan with cling film and press the mixture into the pan.

Place the tart into the fridge while you make the filling.


Cashew & coconut cream filling

The cashews need to be soaked for at least 4 hours – preferably overnight.

Blend all of the above ingredients – EXCEPT THE COCONUT OIL AND BERRIES – in a blender until very smooth. Do this in pulses so as not to overly heat the mixture – this is a raw recipe after all.

Melt the coconut oil in a ban marie (or a bowl over a pan of hot water) and pour slowly into the blended mixture – blend again until completely combined. Work quickly or pour while the blender is still going so the coconut oil doesn’t have time to solidify.

Pour into the tart pan and put back into the fridge to set for at least an hour.

Top with a selection of berries allowing them to press lightly into the cream – be lavish with the berries!

Cover and leave to set for 6-12 hours.

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