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Raw Vegan Chocolate Mars Bar

These delicious raw vegan mars bars are packed full of protein, and are actually quite reminiscent of actual mars or moro bars. In fact blind tasting proved quite difficult for friends and family who tried these tasty morsels to confidently tell the difference.

But there is a difference of course. Not only are they packed full of the aforementioned protein – with pea protein powder giving the nougat it’s malt flavour – they also are very flavoursome. This is due to the quality raw cacao powder, beautiful ev cold-pressed coconut oil (or cacao butter as you can use either) and deliciously rich ROAR coconut cream, which is essential for its rich but delicate flavour – used in the recipe.

The other main difference other than quality and health benefits of the ingredient used is that this dish is vegan – yes you will not believe this! And as perhaps a slight downside, we have not bothered giving instructions for tempering your home-made chocolate, so these will quickly melt in your hand. But licking chocolate off your fingers isn’t an all bad thing right?



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