Raw Vegan Chocolate Mars Bar

These delicious raw vegan mars bars are packed full of protein, and are actually quite reminiscent of actual mars or moro bars. In fact blind tasting proved quite difficult for friends and family who tried these tasty morsels to confidently tell the difference.

But there is a difference of course. Not only are they packed full of the aforementioned protein – with pea protein powder giving the nougat it’s malt flavour – they also are very flavoursome. This is due to the quality cacao powder, beautiful ev cold-pressed coconut oil (or cacao butter as you can use either) and deliciously rich ROAR coconut cream, which is essential for its rich but delicate flavour – used in the recipe.

The other main difference other than quality and health benefits of the ingredient used is that this dish is vegan – yes you will not believe this! And as perhaps a slight downside, we have not bothered giving instructions for tempering your home-made chocolate, so these will quickly melt in your hand. But licking chocolate off your fingers isn’t an all bad thing right?

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mars Bar (makes approx 20 bites)

Vegan Chocolate Nougat Ingredients

Vegan Caramel Ingredients

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate (70%) Ingredients

  • 150g ROAR cacao powder
  • 150g ROAR coconut sugar (can adjust slightly depending % requirements i.e. )
  • 300g ROAR ev cold-pressed coconut oil (or cacao butter – this will give a richer taste but costs more)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 pinch of sea salt

Vegan Chocolate Nougat Ingredients

You ideally want to use a kitchen hand or electric beater for this part of the recipe.

Shake the ROAR coconut cream very well and stir if needed as it contains no emulsifiers and you want an even mix when you pour from the can. Pour the coconut cream into a mixing bowl.

Whisk on high speed until the cream looks similar to beaten cream (just before the stiff peak stage). You can’t really over whisk here – but this is about as far as whisking these coconut cream will go. It should take approx 5 min of whisking in a kitchen hand.

Slowly add the choc pea protein powder – I used the Nuzest brand which is sweetened with Katemfe fruit extract – which contains a molecule called Thaumatin which is a natural sweetener a little like stevia. If you use a different brand of pea protein powder depending on how sweet it is you may want to adjust the amount of coconut sugar you add at the end.

And add the coconut sugar and raw cacao powder.

Whisk until well combined (approx 2 min).

Put into a mould – we used silicone semi-circle ones, but you can use any mould you wish or even hand shape failing anything else – and freeze until solid. Whatever shape you make will be the shape of your dish at the end so you choose.

Vegan Caramel Ingredients

Slice the deglat or medjool dates into small pieces (medjool are slightly better tasting and easier to work with but also approx twice the cost so up to you as both work well) into a food processor. Ideally you want to use a small one as you may need to increase the quantities here to ensure a larger machine blends properly (even more so if you only have a blender to use here).

You may have to soak the dates in warm water for an hour or so first – depending on the type of food processor/blender you have – drain the water before blending. However, this will result in a slightly inferior outcome.

Melt the coconut oil by putting the jar in warm water for approx 10 minutes. Pour into the the food processor or blender.

And add the coconut sugar and blend until relatively smooth and well mixed. If your dates are quite dry this may put your machine under a bit of pressure. So try and buy nice and juicy dates to avoid this.

Put a layer of the date caramel on top of your previously moulded and frozen nougat pieces. The amount and thickness of this layer is highly dependent upon the shape you moulded the nougat into and how much was used. But judge for yourself or look at the photos on this recipe as a guide for ratios. Return to the freezer to firm up again and set the date caramel.

Raw Vegan dark Chocolate (70%) Ingredients

Melt the coconut oil (or cacao butter) in a bowl over boiling water i.e. like a bain marie. Sift and stir in the cacao powder – it is best to add a little bit at a time to avoid lumps forming.

Add the sugar, vanilla and salt and stir in until melted. You don’t want the mixture to get over 55 degrees celsius otherwise the cacao will burn, which will ruin the chocolate. So take the bowl off the boiling water sporadically. Don’t worry about using a thermometer. Basically you want the mixture to stay at the temperature that feels warm to touch but not unforgettably so i.e. you can leave you finger in for a time without it burning.

Dip the frozen balls or shapes of the vegan nougat and date caramel in the chocolate. It should set quite quickly due to them being frozen. Store and serve from the fridge as you don’t want to serve them frozen. This is just to give them solid shape so that they are easy to dip into he chocolate.



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