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Vegan Spring Raw Quiche

All of a sudden the days are feeling longer, the sun is a providing a little more heat, you start noticing locally grown asparagus popping up in stores and you start happily blowing kisses to any random passerby on the street. In other words you are starting to catch the excitement of spring and – how else to say this – you are feeling a little French!

Well nothing fits the mood more than a Spring Quiche that is both raw and vegan – and just in case you have suddenly realised it is almost 10 months since you made those New Years resolutions and summer is imminently approaching, this healthy recipe with have you covered!

This Vegan Spring Raw Quiche is a highly adaptable recipe, meaning you can add any veggies you wish. It also does require a little patience due to the long dehydrating times, but it is a fun recipe to make and is a great thing to do on the weekend (make enough to keep you going through the week) or for a special dinner party.

If you are a raw foodie or vegan you will love the intense umami flavour of this dish that is much harder to achieve with these dietary restrictions and equally this dish tastes yummy to anyone of any dietary tribe.



3 Replies to “Vegan Spring Raw Quiche”

  1. Leela says:

    Can you bake this at a higher temperature (oven) for a shorter time and still acheive a similar result?

    1. Hello Leela,

      Good question. TBH I haven’t tried baking these in an oven, but I am pretty certain that you could definitely do this.
      Although you would probably have to cook on a very low temperature for quite some time (maybe 120°C for 4-6 hours). Also a fan setting in the oven would.

      The reason for this is that you are looking to get the moisture out of this quiche to get the cashew/linseed mixture to set, unlike a normal quiche which contains eggs (which set once they reach a temperate over 65°C). Also obviously it would no longer be raw.

      Would love to hear how you get on if you try?

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