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Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles (Cacao, Sour Cherry & Activated Watermelon Seed)

Any good truffle starts with a good ganache. Of course a ganache is made from melted chocolate and cream. So how does one make a dairy-free and vegan ganache that tastes at least as good as the cream based one? Well the answer of course is activated watermelon seeds!

Watermelon seeds are white in colour, have a fairly neutral flavour and are high in protein and high in good healthy unsaturated fats which all adds up to a very similar flavoursome nutrient mix as cream (without the saturated fats). And this really is the magic of this recipe.

In fact you will likely be very hard pressed to tell the difference between a cream based ganache with this recipe – so give it a go and reap the benefits of the high magnesium and almost 30% protein content of the watermelon seeds, not to the raw cacao powder, dried sour cherries and virgin cold-pressed coconut oil.


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