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Coconut Teriyaki Sauce 250ml


Coconut Teriyaki Sauce 250ml


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  • fermented coconut sap*, purified water, sea salt*.

*certified organic

Use as a soy-free, gluten-free, reduced salt version of teriyaki sauce, soy sauce or tamari. It is also great as a marinade and as a base to use in salad dressings due to its natural sweetness.

The coconut sap is naturally fermented in barrels along with sea salt and water.

ROAR Coconut Teriyaki Sauce is soy-free, gluten-free and reduced salt (half the amount as leading brands of Teriyaki sauce). 

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Our tantalising teriyaki sauce is made from fermented coconut sap – rather
than a traditional blend of soybeans and wheat – making it a tasty, soy-free,
gluten-free and reduced-salt alternative to the classic Japanese condiment and cooking sauce.

ROAR Coconut Teriyaki Sauce typically contains 45% less salt than teriyaki sauce … But just like a traditional teriyaki it is satisfyingly sweet and high in umami flavour boosters which add a rich, savoury taste to any dish.

Fantastic in stir-fries, sushi, salad dressings or simply as a lovely, light seasoning. This soy-free pantry staple can be used any soy or teriyaki sauce. It is also great as a substitute in any soy and honey dish given its naturally ‘salty and sweet’ flavour profile.