ROAR org maca powder raw 350g


ROAR org maca powder raw 350g


Unearth the power of Peruvian maca. Our Raw Blend Maca harnesses the power of Peru’s most sacred plant to restore balance and deliver and everyday energy boost.

Our Raw Blend Maca is ethically sourced from Peru’s Andean Mountains, where it has been cultivated at high altitudes for millennia. Raw maca is prized for its adaptogenic ability to promote health and for its protective effects on the body.

This raw maca is dried at low temperatures to maintain its bioactive compounds and unique earthy flavours, whilst making it more digestible. Use in porridge, smoothies, baking and desserts.

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  • raw blend maca powder*

*certified organic

This ancient food of the warriors is super in smoothies, sauces, baking and raw desserts. Or make a maca latte before you go out to do battle!

ROAR maca is traditionally grown single origin in the mountain regions of Huánuco and Junin 3600-4200 meters above sea level by 8 farming families that have eaten this amazing food for millenia. These families are supported through a co-operative approach which ensures they get fair prices, the next generations are taught traditional farming techniques of rotating crops, looking after the land and producing organic agriculture of the highest quality. Investment in local infrastruture and education is also put back into the community with profits made and help provided to these farmers to process their products in a high standard facility so that they can add value and gain maximum value back for their crops.

The Andean peoples have used maca for millennia as a natural health food and medicine, with studies currently being carried out to examine exactly what is so magic about maca and the macamides contained within them.  Maca can come in 3 colours – white/yellow, red and black – which each have slightly differing potencies and are prized for slightly different things by the Peruvian people, with black being considered the most potent and white/yellow the least and a good place to start on for many people wanting to try maca for the first time.

Maca can also come as raw or gelatinised. Raw maca is the way it has been traditionally traded for thousands of years by the Peruvian people, but they tend cook it up like a porridge (usually with sugar and quinoa) so don’t tend to consume it raw on a daily basis. In Peru maca is a staple commodity that is consumed daily not an expensive rarefied supplement. This is why at ROAR we don’t want to sell it an extreme prices but want it to be considered a wholesome food that can benefit your daily diet. Maca contains complex carbohydrates and compounds called glucosinelates which can be hard to digest in their raw form (think raw betroot or broccoli which contain similar compounds and whilst they can be eaten raw in small amounts many prefer cooking these products).

Although it should be said  there is a distinct difference between raw maca in Peru and the raw maca powder in the fact that in Peru they often consume the root fresh and boiled whereas raw maca powder is made from dried and powdered root so it has been dehydrated and ground making it more digestible than fresh root in its raw form. In Peru they do also do dry the roots for long term storage and winter consumption in Peru but it is not ground meaning that they rehydrate it by cooking to consume. So for those people who don’t want to cook their raw maca in a traditional way or find taking small quantities of raw maca powder isn’t good for them (i.e. hard to digest) then there is also gelatinised maca where the starch is processed to cause it to cook (hence the name gelatinised – think how starch is used to thicken sauces and turns jellylike) which makes the maca instantly consumable for those wanting it cooked but don’t have the time or desire to cook it themselves.

May contain traces of tree nuts. Packed in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

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