ROAR is a family-run and living wage-accredited company that sources certified organic, ethical ingredients locally and from around
the world. These come from the most sought after regions, passionately dedicated farmers and the highest quality sources discovered through over 20 years working
in the organic food industry. ROAR then caringly makes products that are so yummy you’ll be ROARing from the rooftops about them!

Don’t be fooled. We here at ROAR are all about flavour. If food isn’t packed full of flavour then why bother eating it? This is why we’re fanatical about producing ‘food with bite’. If your stomach isn’t left growling for more, then we haven’t achieved what we set out to do. This is also why our ROAR philosophy extends beyond just raw cuisine. We believe in raw and whole ingredients with no unnatural additives or preservatives – just pure raw product that is the best tasting version of that product we can find.

Sure, our line is great for people with niche dietary requirements and is 100% vegan. But this is just a happy happenstance. Our passion is pure, unmitigated flavour, which is doable only when you realise that the best quality food boasts incredible tastes and textures and that ingredients containing additives and fillers (even non nasty ones) can have reduced quality and flavour.

At ROAR food we understand the symphony that is created in your mouth when taste, texture, smell, sight and sound all combine in a cacophony of brilliance. Flavour is about feeling good about yourself and the food you eat, and our commitment to the best quality, most nutrient dense certified organic ingredients all adds up to some seriously good nosh!

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