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RECIPE: Garlic Chinese Broccoli, Soba and Shitake Mushrooms Stir-fry

Chinese broccoli or Kai-lan (Gai-lan) is a fantastic tasting and healthy vegetable that can be found at bargain prices at any good asian supermarket/fresh produce shop.

It basically covers the flavours and textures of bok choi, broccoli and spinach all in one. So there is no better way to treat such a delicious and versatile vegetable other than simply – with a bit of garlic, ginger and soy sauce. You will only be left wanting more of this fresh, crunchy and flavour packed vegetable!

To pair with such an extravagant star and compete with the ginger/garlic combination no less we have some rich, earthy and meaty shitake mushrooms (which again can be found at asian supermarkets or any supermarket for that matter in dried form – just go for the whole ones, as the texture is better).

Soba is the Japanese name for buckwheat and is synonymous with the thin noodles that are made out of the grain. They are dark and delicious and a perfect match for the rich flavours of the shitake and chinese broccoli.



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