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Raw Margherita Pizza

Legend has it that the Margherita pizza was created – and subsequently named – in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoy, with ingredients to made resemble the colours of the Italian flag. And what an amazing traditional recipe it has been through the hundreds of years since its creation.

The Margherita pizza typifies the Italian cooking motto of using fresh, top quality ingredients and letting them speak – or even sing, in the dulcet tones of an Italian opera singer nonetheless –  for themselves, by treating them with respect and simplicity.

This Raw Margherita Pizza maintains the original ethos of keeping the fresh delicious trio of creamy (vegan) cheese, tomato and basil. The base is light and crispy, with the added dimension of olive flavour creeping through. And is fit for the Queen Margherita herself!




Raw Margherita pizza (Serves 4-8)

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