RECIPE: Creamed Coconut, Cashew and Carrot Soup (raw/vegan)

This Carrot, Creamed Coconut and Lime Soup – also known (by our family) as the Three C’s Soup – is the perfect cosy, creamy, comestible winter warmer! This soup is delicious even served cold – ala carrot gazpacho – but can certainly be heated to 45°C and above for ultimate satisfaction.

This soup literally only takes a few minutes to make (pretty much as long as it takes you to get the ingredients out and grate the carrots) and is a sweet/sour Asian delight to eat. And did we mention it is raw and vegan…

The Three C's Soup

Lime Cashew Cream Ingredients

Carrot Soup Ingredients

Lime Cashew Cream Method

  • Add all of the ingredients for the cashew cream into a blender and blitz until completely smooth. To get a perfect smooth texture (like yoghurt) you will need quite a high powered blender. Also depending on the blades on your blender you may struggle to blend this relatively small amount – if this is so you can double the recipe and use the excess lime cashew cream for any savoury dish you would normally use yoghurt in.
  • Spoon out half the cashew cream to use as a garnish that is spooned onto the soup before serving.

Carrot Soup Method

  • Grate the carrots and add the water/stock and the rest of the ingredients along with half of the lime cashew cream. Don’t add all of the water/stock at once, as carrots vary in the amount of liquid they contain – so you may need to use more or less water/stock to get the desired consistency.
  • Heat to desired temperature before serving.
  • Spoon in a tablespoon of cashew cream and sprinkle over coriander or Thai basil along with some extra virgin olive oil to garnish.



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