RECIPE: Vegan Pesto

This Vegan Pesto is super simple to make and tastes delish! Just chuck all the ingredients in a food processor (or use a mortar and pestle) and whizz until it is the consistency you want.

And hey pesto! You have a yummy condiment to use on pasta, anti-pasti platters or just eat it by the spoonful.

Vegan Pesto Recipe

Put all of the ingredients into a food processor (or use a mortar and pestle) and blend until smooth. You can also add a little water to the pesto to help it blend if you are using a blender.

If you like having a chunky pesto, hold back half of the watermelon seeds until the rest of the ingredients are blended and them them last and blend to the desired consistency.

Store in an airtight jar and pour a little ev olive oil on top to help it keep.

kale and basil pesto

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