Vegan Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart


This yummy Vegan Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart has the hallmarks of many great raw desserts – it is both deliciously rich and deeply satisfying (in the sense that you will not overindulge).

This is because it is not only packed full of whole foods such as banana and dried sour cherries, activated pecans, activated almonds, cashews and chia seeds but it is also full of rich superfoods such as virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, cacao powder and coconut sugar.

The ganache is this recipe is essentially the same as the recipe for our Raw Vegan Chocolate Gelato/Mousse recipe. So feel free to master that first as it is quite simple to make (i.e. only takes a few minutes) before committing to the more involved Vegan Raw Chocolate Ganache recipe.





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